Impressions from IEEE SOC Conference 2003:

First Day: 09/17/03

Technical program chair Dong Ha gives an overview of the conference program.


We thank the volunteers from Portland State University for their support.

Hyung-Kyu Lim, President, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics, delivered the Keynote speech.

Dr. Lim during his Keynote speech.

Conference General Chair John Chickanosky thanking Dr. Lim for his outstanding keynote.

The second plenary presentation was given by Dennis Buss, Vice President, Silicon Technology Development, Texas Instruments.

Panel : ASIC vs. Foundry for SOCs.
Panelists (from left to right): Lonn Fiance, Director of Semiconductor Vendor Program, Synopsys, Graham Budd, VP Operations, ARM, Mi-Chang Chang, Director of Design Service Division, TSMC, Nitin Deo, VP Product Marketing, Magma Design Automation, and Moderator Ken Goodnow, IBM.

Mi-Chang Chang, Director of Design Service Division, TSMC, gave the first technical plenary presentation. 

Mi-Chang Chang’s summary: ASIC vs. COT

Lonn Fiance’s summary: ASIC vs. COT beyond 50nm

Graham Budd’s summary: What is the best choice?

Nitin Deo talks about Emerging Business Models